PSSI Response When Asked about the results of the Indonesian national team and Luis Milla

Indonesia U-22 national team that failed to final SEA Games 2017 will be evaluated. However, PSSI can not answer about the continuation of coach Luis Milla at this time.

Secretary General of PSSI, Queen Tisha, said it will conduct an evaluation related to the journey of Garuda Muda squad at the 2017 SEA Games event.

However, essentially, Queen Tisha said that Indonesia U-22 national team is an important part of long-term coaching process.

“We must be patient waiting for the process because no one is instant,” said Queen Tisha, Sunday (27/08/2017) afternoon.

“So, that (the U-22 national team trip to the SEA Games 2017) will be a separate evaluation, whatever the decision, this is part of coaching,” he said at Hotel Royale Chulan, Malaysia.

So, what about Luis Milla’s fate? Did the Spanish coach get the consequences for this failure?

“I can not answer that because the question is not right.This is like the question, ‘food is discarded or continued to eat?’ Because, that process, football is not something magic, “he said.

“Whatever or whoever is imported, football is the result of coaching,” said Queen Tisha.

Meanwhile, for Indonesia U-22 national team in SEA Games 2017, Evan Dimas cs will melakoni last game on Tuesday (08/29/2017).

Indonesia will play against the Myanmar national team in a bronze medal match at the Selayang MP Stadium, Selangor.

The first leg of this fight will take place at 16.30 Malayasia time or 15:30 pm.