Argentine Opportunities Toggle Qualify for the 2018 World Cup

Argentine Opportunities Toggle Qualify for the 2018 World Cup

Argentine Opportunities Toggle Qualify for the 2018 World Cup

The Argentine national team is on the edge. A draw against Peru on matchday 17th World Cup 2018 World Cup qualification (Conmebol) on Thursday (5/10/2017) or Friday morning local time, making Albiceleste thrown from fifth.

The result of another match in which Chile won 2-1 over Ecuador that made Argentina slipped to sixth. Argentina are currently collecting a total of 25 points, losing on goal difference from Peru in fifth. Chile meanwhile climbed to third after collecting a total of 26 points, ahead of goal difference over Colombia (2-1 defeat of Paraguay) in fourth

This latest fact makes it impossible for Argentina to appear in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, because the Conmebol zone has only five rations with details, ranks one through four immediately reach the final round ticket while the fifth rank must undergo a play-off against the Oceania champions. Currently the Oceania zone has spawned the winner of New Zealand, so the fifth rank of Conmebol will play-off against the country in November.

Thus, Argentina has only one chance to qualify for Russia when diving the ultimate party against host Ecuador on Tuesday (10/10) or Wednesday morning WIB. Lionel Messi et al have no choice but to win to uncover passes, at least through the play-off path.

So far, the new Conmebol zone passed an untouched Brazil at the top of the standings having already collected 38 points. The five-time world champion is 10 points ahead of Uruguay in second place.

That is, three automatic tickets left as well as one play-off place is still crowded up for grabs by six equally likely teams. Only Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela are certain to fail to Russia.

Well, Argentina can take advantage when Peru and Colombia have to kill each other in the last fight. Assuming Messi et al win then they will pass Raihan Peru or Colombia so that the play-off ticket is in the grip.

Here’s a twist on Argentina’s chances of qualifying for Russia:

1. Argentina go straight to Russia if they win over Ecuador while Peru and Colombia draw. Because, with a value of 28, Argentina winning over Colombia who collect only 27 points when detained Peru.

2. Argentina qualify when win over Ecuador and Chile lose against Brazil, regardless of Peru versus Colombian results. With a value of 28, Argentina passed Chile which currently collects 26 points.

3. Argentina won a play-off ticket only when a draw against Ecuador while Peru lost against Colombia.

4. Argentina failed when only a draw against Ecuador while Peru and Colombia achieve similar results, as well as Chile.

5. Argentina certainly fail if lost against Ecuador.

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