Trained Mario Gomez, It Said Pilar Persib U-19

Trained Mario Gomez, It Said Pilar Persib U-19

Trained Mario Gomez, It Said Pilar Persib U-19

The valuable experience gained one of Persib Bandung U-19 player, Muchamad Wildan Ramdhani. That’s because he became one of Persib U-19 players who were called to practice under the direction of Mario Gomez.

Mario Gomez himself has started the initial training with Persib on Wednesday (13/12/2017). On that occasion, not all Persib players who attended the training. There are only 16 players in attendance.

For training on Thursday (14/12/2017), Mario Gomez deliberately invited seven players Persib U-19 to train with senior teams. The opportunity was exploited by U-19 Persib penggawa as possible, including Wildan itself.

“Alhamdulillah is very excited, it can be new science, especially coach Gomez has a label, have a name, hopefully the experience was useful for my skills in the future,” said Wildan told Persib website.

In addition to Wildan, Persib U-19 players who also got a chance to train with Mario Gomez are Ilham Qolba, Asep Saepul Mumin, Indra Mustafa, Taufik isnan, Tri Wahyudi, and Jeni Jatnika. It is not impossible that one of them will be promoted to the senior team.

New Science

Initial training atmosphere Persib Bandung with Roberto Carlos Mario Gomez.

Until now, Gomez is using the practice session to monitor the conditions of the players directly Persib. The reason, Gomez did have to determine which players are in accordance with the scheme he was about to play.

In addition, knowing the composition of Persib players in detail is also important for Gomez. The reason, he must find new players that fit the needs of Tim Maung Bandung.

“The name of the foreign coach, the number one discipline, and also many new sciences that I got here, which I have not been getting with local coaches,” Wildan said.

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